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Guide Financial Group LLC is a financial services firm based in the Seattle area that assists clients who want objectivity without any product or sales influence. We actively guide our clients as to how they can create and protect a lifetime of wealth for themselves and their families and ultimately leave that wealth to whomever they want, whenever they want, with the least amount of taxation and complexity.

We recognize that our clients lead active and sometimes very complex lives. Now more than ever, informed investors are choosing to work with firms like ours that typically serve higher net worth investors with financial needs not suited to a do-it-yourself approach. They understand that managing their financial lives can be complicated and time-consuming. They acknowledge that working with experienced and trusted professionals provides them with a higher level of confidence, security and peace of mind.

It all starts with the important process of determining our clients’ financial and personal goals, and then coaching them on the best alternatives available to them as their financial needs change over time. Our highest priority is to create value and confidence for our clients by providing them with comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management and Wealth Protection services.

This website has been designed with you in mind, in hopes of providing you with the knowledge and information to determine if my firm and services could be of benefit to you and your family today or at some point in the future. For our current clients, our site is built for access. Access to important information, updates and opportunities that can further enrich the work we are pursuing together.

Enjoy your visit. For more information on our firm and our process, we invite you explore our web-site, and call or email us. We look forward to discussing your personal needs and how we might help you achieve financial independence and success.

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