LPL Financial Research

The LPL Financial Research team consists of experienced professionals who interpret and adjust to the latest economic and financial developments to ensure we have the most meaningful and current information when monitoring your Strategic Asset Management or Optimum Market Portfolio. You can be confident that the recommendations of the LPL Financial Research Team are the product of an experienced and objective partner.

LPL Financial Research provides objective,timely and actionable investment research and advice. Specifically:

  • Recommends tactical and strategic asset allocation positioning and investment vehicle usage
  • Supports all investment platforms with recommendations, analytics and ongoing due diligence
  • Provides clients with informational pieces and campaigns to help better understand investment vehicles, markets and portfolio performance

LPL Financial Research has no proprietary products to sell, no investment banking relationships to promote or any other business conflicts to get in the way of providing you with unbiased recommendations. Research’s compensation is not tied to any revenue-sharing arrangements, but instead to the performance of our recommended models and investments.

LPL Financial Research Publications